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iPhone Users Can Finally Turn Off All Annoying Ads & Get Faster Web Browsing…

Security Guru Online 21st July 2024

The “Must Have” iPhone App of 2023 has just been updated, and it’s really setting the benchmark!

If you’re an iPhone user, and fed up of seeing constant ads, then this could be one of the most useful articles you will read this year.

iPhone users across the U.S are in a hurry to get a new app that will instantly remove annoying ads and pop-ups.

What effect do ads & pop-ups have on your iPhone?…

– Ads can consume an additional 80% extra data per page load; eating into your data allowance

– Pages load up to 4x faster when ads are prevented from loading

– Accidentally tapping on malicious ads/pop-ups can expose you to scams & theft

– Youtube ads can interrupt your viewing experience

– Advertisers can be tracking you between sites

The reality is mobile ads are getting worse. More intrusive, more annoying and more harmful.

The good news is, there is finally an iPhone app which blocks all ads to speed up your browsing by up to 400%.

Total Adblock makes your browsing faster, stops all annoying ads and removes any advertising tracking.

This will save you money on data usage as well as speeding up your web browsing.

Online scams and phishing sites are massively on the rise, Total Adblock will also help you to stay protected by not allowing scam adverts to show.

You can now start to enjoy video streaming sites like YouTube with no ads, so you will never have to wait for an irrelevant ad to finish again.

Millions of iPhone users across the U.S are now in a hurry to get this incredible app whilst they can at a special introductory price; less than a cup of coffee!

July 2023: Whilst it is unknown how long this promotional offer is likely to last, we are encouraging all of our readers to take advantage today to avoid disappointment


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